Thursday, April 8, 2010

There's No Place Like Home!

After spending 8 weeks with Suzi, it feels great to be home. I can't even begin to describe her strength. The surgery and radiation were devastating to her physically, emotionally and mentally, but her spirit lives on! Her sense of humor wore a little thin, but I loved when it popped out. We spent many, many quiet days, while she slept and slept and slept and I read and read and read. On her good days I taught her how to dance the Shuffle and we danced away! We made several friends who are suffering from cancer too, the bubbly gift shop lady and finally won over Dustin, the parking garage booth person, by giving him cookies and candy. I know he will miss us, or at least the candy and cookies anyway! I left Utah with a desire to become a much better person by being more attentive to the important details of life that seem to get lost in the everyday shuffle. I will always be thankful that I was blessed to share this experience with Suzi, it was very difficult to watch her suffer, but how powerful her example was as she gracefully accomplished all that she could do so that she will live longer and bless all of us with her life. The Lord has been kind in allowing us to have her here with us, it is a special blessing. So here's to Suzi, in the words of Spock may she, "Live long and prosper."