Monday, June 7, 2010

Just One More...

Mother's Day post,
I promise...

For Mother's Day, Katie gifted me with the gift of Skype,
It has been a delight.
It is hard to wash dishes, do laundry
and other things I do when I am on the phone,
but dishes and laundry can wait.
I love watching her smile and laugh
as she says, "I know Mom."
It is a real person visit!
Being able to Skype is a priceless gift.
"Back in the day" :) when I was a young wife and mother,
two-thousand miles away from my family;
long distance phone calls were expensive
and calls home were few and far between.
When I was really homesick, I would go in the woods
behind Grandpa Cruzes's house and cry.
It was pitiful...
I endorse Skypeing to everyone!
Computer internet connection +
Webcam +
Skype ( = Pure joy.

Go to the store now and buy a webcam.
Better yet go to and order one.
"Only on line. Not sold in store.
$19.54 plus .97 cents shipping to home."
They will deliver it right to your door!
Don't just sit there, one now,

Highlights from Mother's Day


PLus This

PLus ThIs

Plus This

EQuaLs This

I ATE it all!