Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Kiss

Mutt's true love was Carroll Reep. He wrote this and gave it to her on January 21, 1934...they were 16.

The Art of Kissing
By Carroll Reep

First know who you are going to kiss. Don't make a mistake although mistakes are good. Don't kiss everybody. Don't sit down and do it, stand up. Let your hat go any place out of the way. Put your right arm around her waist from the left, your left arm gently over her right shoulder. Send a little life down your left arm, but don't be in a hurry. Her right arm lies caressingly over your left shoulder; you are nearly heart to heart. Look down into her half closed eyes; gently but manfully press her to your bosom. Stand firm and don't be in a hurry. Her lips are almost open, lean slightly forward with your heart not your body. Take a good aim, don't hurry. The lips will meet, the eyes will close, the heart will open. (Don't be in a hurry.) Heaven opens before you. The world is far off under your feet like a meteor flashing across the evening sky.

Did they kiss? Mutt just smiled.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pink Shoes

Sunday morning in the pew,
Is always an adventure, it's true.
A sweet little girl,
Who is my "new best friend,"
Has started an unfamiliar trend.
Upon my lap she usually wiggles
And the air is filled with all her giggles.
Today was different; she sat in her seat,
With pretty pink shoes upon her feet.
With my Hymn book open and ready to sing
I noticed the most unusual thing.
This sweet little girl,
Was still sitting on the pew,
And my lap was empty, oh howdy do!
Her little Legs were stretching out,
As she casually stated what she was about,
"I just want to put my feet in your lap."
And she had them there quick as a snap.
The organ played, the song began,
Yes, in church is where I am;
With a sweet little girl leaning back
And her pink shod feet upon my lap!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My New Treasure!

I went to Dorthy's Antique's and browsed through her old books and found a new treasure.
"The True Citizen." It was written in 1900.

"...for pupils in the seventh and eighth grades of school, it has been prepared with a view to meeting a real need of the times...the higher aspects of citizenship---the moral and ethical---have been seriously overlooked."

It is very inspirational and I found I wanted to work on my character or as the book states, "...the development of the natural faculties or the moral powers..."

Just a sampling: Humility

"We have the great need of this particular grace, and we ought to study its relation to our life in general; for we should often have reason to be ashamed of our most brilliant actions if the world could see the motives from which they spring."

"All really great men have been humble men in spirit and temper."

Then...George Herbert was ridiculed by his friends for serving a man whose horse had fallen as he helped him unload and then reload his cart. George said, "The thought of what he had done would prove music to him at midnight, for he felt bound, so far as was in his power, to practice that for which he prayed."

And this..."While humility thinks little of personal considerations, it thinks the more of character and principle. It is really a powerful aid to progress. When we realize how little we know, we shall earnestly strive to know more; when we feel how imperfect is our character, we shall make earnest efforts after improvement.

I love this..."The plan of the book is simple in the extreme. It consists of thirty-nine chapters---one for each week of the school year---by developing a higher type of citizenship, we will be a real service to our nation."

Inspired...I feel inspired to follow the plan and in thirty-nine weeks be a higher type of citizen, or in other words, "More Savior like thee."

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mom and Beds

Mom passed away on July 11th and a quietness has descended within my heart. She is near and yet so far away.
Mom always insisted we make our bed each morning, but after I married my bed has been unmade more often then not.
When I was home in February Mom would need to rest several times throughout the day. Each time she would get out of bed she would straighten the covers and make her bed. Every time!
I have a new outlook on making my bed now, and I have a good visit with Mom every morning as I make my bed. I washed the sheets and was bragging to myself about how well I make square corners and how the sheet and blanket's are even and straight on both sides. I know she would be pleased.
Will it last? We'll see.
But in the mean time my bed has been looking great everyday! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confidence, Trust or Luck

Our family spent a wonderful, lovely, spectacular day at Metcalf Bottoms enjoying the water, shade and each others good company. The cliff became the center of every one's attention and eventually Afton and "Grammy Ma," (that would be me) were left by our selves at our "spot." About the time I was wondering how much longer they would be having fun Conan came to get us so we could share in the fun too. I asked Conan if he was going to leave his IPhone, he said no, so I put it in my pocket for safe keeping. After a pleasant stroll along the path amid the trees and poison ivy we made it to the cliff. What a spot! It was so great! The cliff a big rock about 6 or seven feet high was covered by the adults and big kids, some of the mid-size kids were in the river having all sorts of fun and the youngest ones were playing in a little side stream. Everyone was in complete bliss! In order to see the big kids jump off the cliff I had to cross to the other side of the river. I was wading across very confidently until I remembered I had Conan's IPhone in my pocket. All of a sudden all the rocks were slippery and the water was inching up past my knees. Was it my imagination or was the current really getting stronger? Noticing Conan and Cally looking a tad nervous caused unsettling feelings of distress and I wibble wobbled a little bit as I made my way across.
After building a dam with rocks, watching a couple of cat fish and catching a crawdad, it was time to go.
With great trepidation I started my way across the river. The easy part was easy. A lady let me hold her arm as I crossed an area of swift current. I made my way to a line of rocks thinking I could walk across, and as I took my first step doubts began flitting through my mind, thinking how one slick rock could plunge me and Conan's I Phone into the...
Scott came wading to over to me and said, "Why don't you let me help you." I said "I will be alright." He said, "I'll help you." Somewhere in the exchange I climbed on Scott's back for a piggy back ride. Forget the slippery rocks, swift current and deep water. I was absolutely confident my son would get me across the water dry. A man offered his help thinking I was in distress, but I proudly told him my son and I were in the process of safeguarding my other son's IPhone! Nearing the bank it occurred to me the three of us, Scott, Conan and I, may have been looking at things three different ways. I totally trusted Scott to carry me across the water, he confidently did, (or at least he seemed totally confident) and Conan perhaps was a little uncomfortable with the whole situation, after all it was his IPhone at stake. It was a relief to hand Conan his Phone and to no longer be responsible for all the memories it contained of our fantastic day at Metcalf Bottoms, not to mention all the other data that would have been lost if the phone would have ended up...but it didn't.
After all, I had Scott's back :)