Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Kiss

Mutt's true love was Carroll Reep. He wrote this and gave it to her on January 21, 1934...they were 16.

The Art of Kissing
By Carroll Reep

First know who you are going to kiss. Don't make a mistake although mistakes are good. Don't kiss everybody. Don't sit down and do it, stand up. Let your hat go any place out of the way. Put your right arm around her waist from the left, your left arm gently over her right shoulder. Send a little life down your left arm, but don't be in a hurry. Her right arm lies caressingly over your left shoulder; you are nearly heart to heart. Look down into her half closed eyes; gently but manfully press her to your bosom. Stand firm and don't be in a hurry. Her lips are almost open, lean slightly forward with your heart not your body. Take a good aim, don't hurry. The lips will meet, the eyes will close, the heart will open. (Don't be in a hurry.) Heaven opens before you. The world is far off under your feet like a meteor flashing across the evening sky.

Did they kiss? Mutt just smiled.

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