Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Date Night

Another Friday night and we...

...went for Chinese food,
but discovered our favorite restaurant had closed.
So, we settled on Market Square...
(That's where we parked.)

...and ate crepes instead at "The French Market"
on Gay Street, while listening
to their live entertainment.
(Sorry the picture doesn't capture its ambiance.)

For dessert we bought ice cream bars.

We tried to stroll along the sidewalk,
but it was so crowded!
"Ya"ll know," but we forgot
"It's football time in Tennessee!"
The first game of the season and
most EVERYONE was in town,
ramping up for the game by dining
and walking on Gay Street.

We walked on Gay Street
and reminisced...
Back in the 1900's
the "Old City" was "the city" and
Shane's Grandparents went to
Market Square and sold
their produce and flowers
to make a living.

Through the years the "the city"
crept West and the "old city"
declined and was left to
ruin and decay, but it has now been
revitalized and is a wonderful place
to spend a Friday night date!

By the way...
I bought my Wedding dress in a little shop
on Gay Street 36 years ago.

And married this man.
Yup, that's my man.
We date every Friday night.


Yo Mamma said...

What an adorable post! I loved hearing about it over the phone, but for some reason the blog post was a little bit more magical. It must have been the pictures. I didn't know that you bought your dress down on gay street. Is the shop still there? And, Dad is still handsome. You have a winner.

Kay said...

The shop is gone, it was one of the businesses that left as the glory of Gay St. and Market Square began to fade. You would have loved it1