Friday, September 23, 2011


We left Monday, September 19th for Scottsdale Arizona. Flew into Phoenix, rented a car and headed to the Grand Canyon. We spent the night in Flagstaff, and left early Tuesday morning finishing our drive to the Grand Canyon. I was so taken with the beauty of Arizona. The blue sky and desert cactus, the wide open view - being able to see for miles and miles, the openness was so all encompassing.

We went to Philmont, New Mexico last year, I have to say, I fell in love with New Mexico. I fell in love with Arizona too. I love the Saguaro cactus forest, the tall pine trees and aspens. The gully's/arroyo's/gulches (take your pick). Beautiful mountains graced the landscape constantly dragging my eyes to their unassuming height in their desert setting. As we crossed Big Bug Creek, I wondered about the bug that inspired that name. I found a peaceful, tranquil beauty as we drove the back roads to the Grand Canyon. It was a lovely drive.

It was exciting to drive through the park entrance and find the visitor's center. We watched a movie about the park. Did you know it took 2 billion years to form. Every year it erodes the thickness of a piece of paper. When it was first discovered it was declared "worthless." But, "It is impossible not to be thunderstruck by the awesome sights laid out on such an epic scale. In one word, incomparable." That is how I felt, thunderstruck, it was awesome, it was GRAND!

It was hard to leave and I felt sad to go, but there wasn't any way to bring the Grand Canyon with me except as a treasured memory. (And a rock to sit on the sidewalk!)

As usual, my man Shane, was with me. We walked along some of the trails they have along the rim of the canyon. He is terrified of heights, but he bravely stood by the edge so I could get a view of the canyon behind him. (He wasn't as close as it looks.)

As I was leaving to fly home I was enjoying the beauty of Phoenix one last time, the cactus and wispy flowers and the funny trees that grow crooked, and even though red gravel is their grass, it was still beautiful to me. I was filled with that "loving Arizona" feeling and planning on coming back for a visit, but only a visit, because it's just too dang hot to live there!

Just one last look.


Erin said...

what?! you should have stopped by to visit me! You drove right past my town on your way to the grand canyon. Next time you come, come stay with me. I have VERY reasonable rates! =)

Kay Marie said...

We talke about you as we passed Prescott. We were really pinched for time. I promise next time we will visit you. You live in a beautiful place!

Yo Mamma said...

Your writing is as beautiful as of the pictures! I wish that we could have met you over there. C'est la vie! It is definately on our to do list to get over there. I love you.