Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Mom

I am missing you today and wondering what you might say to me if we could visit. I would tell you how much I miss you and stare at your sparkling blue eyes while you smiled at me, and I would be able to see your love for me in the depths of your eyes. I would walk over to you and we would hug tightly and I would hear your little laugh you give with your hugs. I would cling to you so I could soak in the comfort of your presence. We would visit and laugh away the time and then I would hear you say, "This has been such a nice visit," and your eyes would mist up as you would say, "I wish there weren't so many miles between us." So as I sit quietly with your memory, today, I feel the emptiness in my heart. I am sad your life with me is a memory now. My heart cries often and oh, how I miss you. I miss you.

Oh, and by the way, yes Mom, I would like something to eat! :)

I love you,
Kay Marie


Yo Mamma said...

Your post made me cry. I miss her too. You are so much like her. I love you, Mom.

Sarahie said...

You made me cry too! I have been thinking about her tonight and how much I miss her. Thank you for sharing. (P.S. I will send those pictures to you right away!)

Erin said...

I have been having these exact thoughts lately. I miss her, too. I wish I could sit and visit with her, too. This is beautiful writing. Love you!